Saturday, December 13, 2008

B-day Greetings

Yesterday was my 57th b-day. Blah! Then I was greeted by this online ad, which I found quite funny. Probably because I'm definitely NOT overweight. was an uneventful day, just like any other until about 6 pm when I got a call from my youngest son (almost 18) who was lost with a friend in thick fields of bamboo lining the Santa Ana River bottom. They had attempted to take a shortcut home and had been wandering around down there for the past 2 hours. It was now dark. Cell phone cut out, lost contact. So I decided I'ld better go ahead & call Sheriff's dispatch. Three hours later they were airlifted out via helicopter, cold, dirty, and a little cut up. Happy birthday Mom.


GoAngels said...

Whoa! what a trip man, and on your birthday. How could you cope? Once I got lost on my birthday, oh yeah, you didn't get lost. What a trip! Oh well, see you and Barbi later dude.
P.S. Nice items in your store.

Mona said...

I had to laugh at this one. I lived in Santa Ana for years and remember that River bottom. My sons used to go there from time to time. That was many years ago when they were in their teens. We lived in Costa Mesa area but before that in Santa Ana right off Edinger. South Everglade street to be exact. Anyway...cute post..
Happy Birthday..late..but Happy Birthday anyway. :)