Friday, January 30, 2009

I covet these patterns

Here are some Betsey Johnson patterns currently for sale on that I would love to have for my very own......if they weren't so expensive. I made all of these in the early 70's!


Marta said...

Please jog my memory and tell me what color/pattern of fabric you use for these. I remember all the patterns, but not the clothes! Do you have any of your old patterns left?

karen said...

I think you were away at college when I was making these outfits. It was during the time I was working at Farmers Ins. & had moved into that low-rent apt. in Orange. I made some in tiny floral cotton knits and a couple with polished cotton/chintz. They were CUTE! Kinda wished I had saved them now.

Marta said...

I think I remember the tiny floral cotton knits. They were sooo cute!