Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Store

I decided to open a new etsy store in order to separate my designs using vintage fabrics from items made entirely from new fabrics. Currently I'm in the process of moving some things over from the old shop and trying to sew some new items too. So now I have 4 etsy stores and 1 ebay store! One thing I love about this new store is my brand new bird banner and avatar! Check out my new store and see what you think!


Marta said...

I think you're starting new stores just to use cute names and logos! I always wanted to use the name "Hollyhock house"- maybe you can start a garden store with that name!

karen said...

Haha, I think you're right!!

Diane said...

Hi Karen,

It's me - Diane! I am so happy Marta sent me the link to your blog. I love all things vintage... And clearly, you are the vintage queen.


karen said...

Hi Diane,

It's great to hear from you! Thanks for reading my little blog.