Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tonight I whipped up a couple sets of coasters using some great vintage 60's/70's fabrics. I made one set from an Indian madras print bedspread (hippie fave for both home decor and apparel) and the other from some gorgeous cotton Hawaiian prints with gold metallic accents. I remember hitting the beach in the early 60's in my Hawaiian "jams". Yep, girls wore them too.

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Marta said...

I am really getting into this walk down memory lane. I have decided to recreate all the things from my past that I loved. So far, it's just been Barbie. But guess what I ordered today... Minnetonka ankle wrap moccasins!! ha ha! Remember those? I'm just going to wear them everywhere and maybe I can even get away with wearing them to work! You don't think I'll look like an old hippie, do you? Don't worry, I won't be wearing jams or Indian print bikinis anytime soon! Making coasters out of the old fabric is safe!!