Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Greetings

Easter will soon be here. I told my sons, ages 18, 22, & 26 and all still living at home, that there would be no Easter baskets this year. They were disappointed. So I capitulated and said I would make a single candy basket for the whole family to share. Here are a few of my Easter accouterments, which I barely remembered to pull out from under the bed earlier this week.

The ceramic duck with eggs vintage planter was made in Japan, probably in the 1940's. I'm guessing here. I found it among my mother's estate items.

The chick and the pig (both wearing party hats!) came from Mrs. Tiggywinkle's, a wonderful gift shop in downtown Riverside near the Mission Inn.

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Marta said...

AWWWW- they're so cute! I forgot about my little clown chick- I haven't dug out my Easter stuff yet either! I've gotta go do that!