Thursday, March 25, 2010

Retro Motel Chairs

These colorful motel chairs remind me of family road trips in the 50's/60's. Lots of happy memories there, especially if the motel had a pool. We didn't simply check into the first chain motel, despite that cute sleepwalking Travelodge bear. Nooooo, we had to drive around & check out prices first, while us kids in the backseat whined for a pool with a SLIDE. If the price was right, my parents would then go inside to check out an actual room to be sure it was decent.

The chairs pictured above can be purchased at for $95 with free shipping. You most likely have to assemble them, which should be an easy task,  Crate and Barrel currently has this chair in red, priced at $74.95 in their outlet. Or, you can get lucky and find an original at a local garage sale or flea market!

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Marta said...

haha! Yeah- mom had to check out every room! Todd and I have been staying in old motels on our trips when we can- cheap and funky! And yeah, I do check out the rooms first!