Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Yard Sale Finds

Now that the holidays are over and  sunny weather has returned I was eager to get back out on the yard sale hunt.  Although yard-saleing may not be in full swing for a few more months, I did locate a few ads, mapped out my route, & set off to see what I could find.  First was an "Estate Sale by Sal".  Sal & her crew seem to control much of the local estate sale trade.  Items tend to be priced a little high, especially when you're primarily interested in resale value.  Even so, this sale had nothing of interest.  Next stop was a large yard sale, lots of stuff, but again, nothing I wanted.  Third stop, small sale, nothing much.  Final stop was at an unadvertised estate sale that I spotted signs for.  Finally, I found something halfway decent.  My finds were modest, but interesting, both for myself and for resale. Yay!

Clockwise from top left we have a ceramic cinnamon jar, made in Germany; a sandy pink CA pottery planter, possibly Bauer; an Everedy Tidbit Set, and some mid mod flower coasters.  Not pictured is a Pyrex brown glass loaf pan and an old clipboard that I plan to display vintage book plates on for etsy sales.

Designed to serve such tasty tidbits as olives, pickles, candy, & peanuts and perfect for card parties, backyard BBQs, cocktails, records parties.......and other wild events.  A must-have for the mid-century hostess.

A decade later this wood and cork flower-power coaster set by Serv Wood would be a big  hit with your guests. 

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Marta said...

Well, get your apron on and start making some tasty tidbits! I like the coasters- they look brand new!