Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring sales beckon.......

Spring has sprung and the yard & estate sales are going strong.  This past weekend was a good one.  Here are a few of my recent finds:

 I found some white Franciscan Ware in the Coronado pattern to add to the pink pieces I found several months ago.  I love the soft colors and the wavy border on these pieces.

 Here is a nice selection of Norcal pots, purchased for a song at a church rummage sale and all cleaned up for repotting succulents on my patio. This pottery is no long being made, so possibly one day it will be considered collectible.

 This cool black wicker indoor-outdoor chair has a mid-century vibe, purchased right in my own neighborhood from a fellow MCM fan.

Well, this piece needs work.  Someone started to paint it a la "shabby chic", but only got the top and front done, and not very well at that.  The original finish is blonde wood of some sort.  I think I will first try to remove the paint, see how it looks au natural.  It would also be a good candidate for my Rustoleum "Cabinet Transformation" kit.  At any rate, it's very sturdy and for $5 a deal that couldn't be passed up!

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Marta said...

ooh- thanks for sharing the photos! Love those Norcal pots and the chair!