Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mystery Sink Revealed

Within just a couple weeks of moving into our new home I noticed the white kitchen sink was looking, well, a little less than pristine. Tiny chips were appearing with use and as they grew larger I noticed it looked slightly pinkish underneath.  At first I though it must be some sort of undercoat they used when refinishing the sink.  As curiosity got the best of me I began peeling away with my fingernails (which goes to show what a poor refinish job this was) to reveal more and more of this pink. Not too far along I realized that there was indeed a PINK sink hiding underneath!.  My fingernails were shot so I grabbed a putty knife and continued on.  The trick was to fill the sink with extremely hot water, soak about  half an hour, then drain & peel.  To remove the really stubborn areas around the faucets & top edges I found a product called SoyGel (yep, made from soybeans!) that did a nifty and odor-free job of removing the last of it.  So now, I have an interesting mauve pink sink, not a color I would choose for a kitchen, but kinda cool in a retro sort of way.  Apparently it's the original, tiled-in sink, and replacement would involved ripping out the counter tile, not a job I wish to do.  So, I will attempt to work around this and make this kitchen somewhat unique.   First attempt.....paint the wall area above the cupboards, which is like a wide band around the room, a pink shade.  So far, so good, except that it doesn't exactly coordinate well with  the old yellowish-cream cabinets and beige speckled tile that dominate the room.  Next, pay my painter son, Jesse, to paint the cabinets a creamy white.  And make some sort of window valance to tie the colors together. Waverly's "Sunset Boulevard" fabric might do the trick.

Meanwhile, I'm open to suggestions.

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Marta said...

The sink and the fabric are really cool together. You know I love vintage California. Now post some more pictures of your house- the chairs you just recovered, for one thing!