Saturday, August 28, 2010

Inspired by Denver, Littleton, and Marta!

Long time no post.  Well, I resolve to do better, especially now that I am back from a wonderful trip to Denver with tons of ideas for creative sewing and crafting, thanks to my sister Marta, "Oh So Charming Cottage",  and visits to local antique stores and street fairs.  Fun, fun, fun!   Here is a picture of  a few of my finds. First is a flower pin (or brooch) created out of vintage barkcloth that I just love!  I am going to attempt to replicate it, "make it my own", and sell in my etsy store.  Next picture shows a piece of gorgeous vintage barkcloth in a lush purple floral design, along with the pin and my vintage 60's era purse. The last picture shows my stash of additional material purchased from Denver Fabrics in Littleton.  The cowboy print came out of a local antique store and I have already made it into a baby comforter.  In the background is my vintage pink rayon print dress, purchased at "Oh So Charming".


karen said...

Geez, what happened to my other 2 pictures????

Marta said...

Everything looks so pretty! I want to see the cowboy quilt!