Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chic & Simple.......maybe

Chic & Simple Sewing, by Christine Haynes, is another book by the new crop of young, hip, sewing mavens.  It includes  full-sized patterns with multi-sized cutting lines, a great timesaver that eliminates the need to trace and/or enlarge from the printed page.  With more than 20 projects inside, it has something for everyone....more or less.  Many of the styles are on the "young" side, which is no surprise given that both the author and target audience are young!  My favorites are the Wrap Skirt, Classic Wrap Dress, and the Retro Shift Dress.   I also like the Babydoll Top and Dress, although if I'm old enough to remember wearing this style in the early 70's, then I guess I'm too old to be wearing it now.  Ah, well. 

Several of the styles are too simple, to the point of lacking style. l suppose if you're 25 and choose a really great fabric maybe a shapeless sack dress (for lack of a better term) with or without shoulder straps and tie belt, might do.  Or an A-line skirt with elastic waist......looks great on that super skinny 20 yr old model, but on the average seamstress?  Not likely.  What this book refers to as "The Trench" is actually a rather plain, unstructured, open front cardigan style that looks more like a lab coat than any sort of trench I've ever seen.    So, basically this book is a mixed bag, good but not great, and definitely not a "must-have".

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