Saturday, October 2, 2010

On the Yard Sale Trail

This morning I made just a couple quick yard sale stops while running errands.  I found both these items at a sale right in my own neighborhood.  In fact this lady seems to have one every couple months, and from the looks of it she's either a former antique dealer or just tends to horde a lot of junque.

 The seller assured me these were genuine vintage children's wooden shoes from Holland.  Judging by the chipped paint and worn wood I already assumed as much.

These little metal trays are marked "Massilly"  and "France" along the bottom edge.  Thanks to Google I was able to determine that Massily is a tin-making company that originated in France.  As it appears the company is still in operation today, these trays may or may not be vintage.  Either way, they are cute. And at $1.00 for all 4 they were dirt cheap too.

Now, on to a recent make-over:

 I actually picked  up this late 60's/early 70's treasure at a yard sale last month.  It seemed to call my name with that harvest gold faux wicker and torn vinyl lid.  I thought it would make a nifty storage spot for my ongoing embroidery projects.  I covered the lid with a piece of floral chintz (also picked up at another yard sale) and replaced the worn metal knob with a vintage bakelite drawer knob from another piece of furniture. See the finished product below.  I like it.  Unfortunately the bakelite knob wouldn't attach properly so I had to go back to the old metal knob for now, until I can figure out how to make it work.

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Marta said...

what an interesting contraption! Was it a sewing basket?? I guess it could be now! Good makeover!