Monday, October 11, 2010

Martha Delivers

Here is Martha, looking radiantly youthful, courtesy of a recent facelift or a good job of photoshopping.  Probably both.  Whatever I may think about this domestic doyenne, I must admit she knows how to put out a  book full of classy, inspiring projects.  This is the second in her "Encyclopedia" series.  I bought the original Encyclopedia of Crafts when it first came out but was disappointed to find not a single mention of anything to do with sewing!  What kind of  "encyclopedia" is that?!   When her Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts came out I first checked it out from my local library, renewed it as many times as allowed, and finally purchased my own copy.  (Which, by the way, NOW seems to be greatly discounted from the original cover price.)  It's good.  It's impressive.  It comes with a CD featuring patterns and templates so you can print them up at home.  Not quite as easy to use as the full-size patterns that come with some of the other new sewing books, but still a good idea.  

The book begins with a fabric glossary, then moves into a section on techniques, including basic sewing, applique, embroidery, quilting, fabric dyeing and printing.  Next it's on to the actual projects, listed in alphabetical order from A for "animals" to W for "wall decor".  (XYZ  ends with  "tools & materials".)  Along the way you have projects for aprons, bags, coasters, linens, quilts & blankets, clothing for Baby as well as the family dog, pillows, slippers, curtains.........the list goes on and on.  

While a true encyclopedia of sewing would need a multitude of volumes to fully cover everything, this book provides a good start, to say the least.  I am inspired.

 Sweet baby quilt made from vintage hankies.  

Oilcoth bibs for baby.

 Oilcloth lunch bags.  I think velcro would work better than a clothespin.

 Cute wrap & tie skirt.

 Cute if you have the right breed of dog.  Our pits would NOT be caught dead in this.

 Doily tablecloth for a ladies' tea or wedding shower.

 Some sort of fabric flower tree.  I don't quite get it.

Old fashioned embroidered state bird quilt.

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